Neci-Tr olarak bir projeyi daha tamamladık. Bir gençlik lideri ve 4 gencimiz ile katılım sağladığımız Kıbrıs Rum Kesiminde gerçekleştirilen “Think before you drink” isimli projeyi tamamlamanın mutluluğunu yaşıyoruz. Kayseri, Samsun ve İstanbul’dan Derneğimiz adına katılan gençlerimiz dolu dolu proje deneyimi yaşayarak ülkemize döndüler.

Katılımcılarımızdan İdil’in proje sonunda bize yazdığı değerlendirmeyi sizinle paylaşmak istiyoruz.

Neci-Tr’yi takipte kalın bu fırsatlardan haberdar olun. :)

Hi I’m idil and I’m one of the Turkey team participant. This was my first Exchange Project so I don’t know how to start. I’m gonna start with day by day reflection. In the first day was so full of exercise and activities. It was very entertaining and tiring day. Everyone was tried to remember others name. Which was very hard form me because I’m not good at remembering the names. But thanks to these activities it was more easy. On the second day we started our progress. As you know the prime purpose was the alcohol. Renos and kriyakos explained everything that we gonna do. We started with representing our institution by drawing and giving little informations and talking with other people. To be honest I didn’t take a note for these activities so I don’t remember all of them. Mostly  everyday  we just starting  with enegiser  and then the other  things. And then every counrty showed some informations and interesting  datas about their alcohol consumption. Both my team and other team played some games about alcohol . It was really fun. By the way every country showed their games for energiser.

And then every country started for culture evening nights. We prepared ourselves and represented our Turkish culture. Our  presentation was the second grup.  Then all night we danced. It was very fun. The next day a nurse came and showed us what we do in necessarity of some urgent events.

We just worked together to learn other countries dances and cultures. I learned lithuanian dance.

The next day the cyprus policeman came and gave us information about alcohol consumption like in cyprus and other countries.  After we played some games about what happens if we use alcohol in the night. It was funny because most participant were didn’t make it correctly. After break time a man came there. He was racing driver and told us his experiences about alcohol consuming. It was very interesting and sad but I’m happy that now he knows his  fault. He gave us advices and told his life story.and then again culture evening night of course. Finally we performed with lithuanian dance.

After this night we did turkish coffee for other people. They really wanted to try it. Thanks to this I gain lots of new friends also.

The next day we went to Aiya Napa to see cactus garden and some sculpture that made of marble.and after that we made some small groups to go larnaca and tell them what we did. We prepared for this about half a day. It was very tiring and fun . We found lots of people from also other countries and we discuss with them  about our topics and  foundation.The next day was the last day. Everyone of course cried. Renos and his team gave us our  certification. And for last moment we just talked and gave us some little notes. :’)

ım so happy to be here. Thank u for this  amazing Project.