Name of project:  Training of Youthworkers on Conflict Resolution

Number of Project:  2018-3-CY02-KA105-001445

Date     : 30 May – 8 June 2019

Venue   : Larnaka/Cyprus

As we  NECI-TR sent 3 participants to the this training course. Now time for emotions of our participants.

This project was very instructive for me. At the begining we didn’t know each other in the group but then we became more close and we started to be friends. In the begining I was uncomfortable for participate to activities but then I feel more comfortable.In my life this is my first time to living with another foreign people. When I heard I have to live with 5 person in a same house but then I know all of my roommates and I enjoyed to living with them. I liked to living with them. Then we started to learn about “conflict”. What is the meaning of conflict , which situations we saw it , what are the stages of conflict , how we can solve it. We practiced how to mediate with teammates and we tried to find a solution about an example problem. We did a lot of team works. I really enjoyed in some of team works It caused to know each other well. We prepared some small plays about conflict and we really enjoyed when we were preparing them.I have fears about speaking in front of the crowd but my teammates pushed me to this and I did it and I overcame my fears. Our trainers was so nice,polite and interested with us. They supported us in all sessions I didn’t feel uncomfortable at the activities. It was good to meet with other people and I’m happy about making good friends. In “My river of learning “ session ı had chance to think about my all life It was good to think about it.I loved the reflection times and of the days because of Chiristos he was very polite and he always likes to listen us.I feel very comfortable at the reflection times. Thanks to my all trainers for this amazing moments.