“Social Media The Road to Development (SMARTD)” project took place in Kayseri – TURKEY between 26 July and 3 August 2017 with the participation of 26 youth workers, -who are interested with developing communication and social media skills-, from 7 countries (Turkey, Estonia, Romania, Greece, Spain, Italy, Malta). The objectives we aimed were to encourage people to use social media in useful way, informing them about the tools which are good to be an active member of community.

During the TC, we tried the transfer information that is about the useful and harmful ways of using social media, telling them about the methods to be an active member of social network, having people to know each other better.

Some of the participants were skillful about social media so they had so much experiences to share. Some of them had gained great informatins from previous projects. on the other hand all of them were so willing to learn the innovative ways of self development.

As soon as the project starts we started to play ice breaker games. We had the group divide to smaller groups in order to make them know each other well. We also created oppurtunaties to have them express their ideas in their language competencies. We were always starting with the videos and activities related to topics which we were going to do that day. We gave chances to people who has lower language skills to express themselves.


Role plays, energizers, reflections, were done but none outdoor activity were done because of the field we had was not available to do that. Some historical buildings, museums.which were good to share and talk about have been visited to tell them more about our culture and history. The methods which helped during the week were learning with sharing and experiencing, discussions about events and gaining knowledge via enjoyable games.

All the participant were so respectful and tolerant against each other.No conflict happened between them. Everbody had the chance of socialize in mixed groups which were consisted of the people from different countries. In intercultural nights countries showed dances musics and gave chance to taste their cuisine. Some videos about their own regions/ countries were showed. These evenings were great to know better about different cultures and languages.

All the targets we aimed has been fulfilled.