Social Enterpreneurs for Solution 2015

With 26 participant from 7 different countries our project “Social Entrepreneurs fo the Solution” will be carried out in Kayseri. During a week education our aim is to help the participants who wants to help our young people in our society who have not been actively involved, help them access to opportunities and elimination of social deprivation in the area, creating resources for themselves, innovation, risk taking, to create social change to gain basic skills and also our aim is to guide these young people with the help of our partner organizations, youth workers and youth leaders about increasing the knowledge, skills and capacities of these young people. In addition, the project participants who will come to our country from different countries with their cultures, language and traditions will learn different things through workshops and they will learn to change the lack of disadvantages to advantage. These are the good practice in this area.
– Effective Communication, introducing oneself, to gain basic skills in presentation design issues,
-We work for our youth to impart their social entrepreneurs to gain inspiration, problem solving skills, collaboration skills, and willingness to take responsibility, team spirit skills,
– While trying to find immediate lasting solutions to social problems about environment with the title ”We can change the world” to the youth of European country and even they are the part of the project or not to share information with their environmental and social issues and make them have a global perspective to the problems,