Feedback About the Project

Months ago, I was introduced to AVRUPA VATANDAŞLIĞI VE KİMLİĞİ DERNEĞİ, an organization working in harmony with some other European organizations that have the mutual aims. This network’s this member is from Kayseri, Turkey where is my hometown. Thanks to this organization, I’ve had a chance to join a project. The title of our project was Innovative Conflict Resolution Approaches for Youth Workers Through the Non Formal Education (Project Number : 2016-2-TR01-KA105-035559) and it was funded by Erasmus+ and Turkish National Agency.

In general, the project left really good effects on me. There were the points that I really enjoyed, the points that I couldn’t understand, the points that I appreciated or the points that I criticized. Since it was my first Erasmus+ Project, at first, I had difficulty in understanding the procedures. However, when you get it, you really love it! Since I have been educated in a very serious way (as a teacher), everything in our teaching must be on a level, which has discipline to some extent or which has some clear-cut borders so that nothing easily can distract you and students from the aims you’re supposed to reach. In the project, at first, I expected things to be more serious, trainers to be more professional in English  and tell us the things more clearly and step by step. Because it was my first experience and I was worried and expecting that naturally. But after some days, I realized that these kind of programmes and gatherings are very flexible. It has a flexible style of learning. It’s a very enjoyable and comfortable learning atmosphere. When I started to discover the things more, I really had the pleasure of the learning. Because if you do not like something, you can give feedback to your friends and your trainer. They are ready to listen to you. Especially our trainer Renos was the best, he was a very attentive listener and very understanding. He cared about my positive and negative feedback towards the activities. He tried to change and improve the things for a better learning! We had really good team-building and ice-breaking activities which make you like and know each other more! When I understood the reason in every single activity, I really loved this whole project even more! This project taught me conflict management and conflict resolution skills which are basic needs of my profession. This process helped me become a more professional teacher in knowing my students, people around me and how to approach them. I liked the intercultural evenings we arranged, it made me see that no single country in the world is the best, every country has got things which can’t be there without the other one. Every culture has beautiful aspects and we all complete each other. The best part of the project, besides learning a lot of useful information is making new friends. I made a lot of new friends and I am grateful for this! This project did not improve my English skills unfortunately, even I had to decrease my English level to keep up with the others because I was already fluent. But it surely improved my social skills and contributed to my intercultural communication and knowledge.