The project ”Creativity and Sharing for Empowering Social Inclusion- CSESI’ is a shared idea between partner organizations. The main idea behind this project was to provide tools and share reflections and expertise to youthworkers (and in macro level to create the level of sustainable impact on local communities and in wider lifelong learning society) that support their development for more successful implementation of inclusive practices, empowering creative thinking and strengthening international active cooperation.
This project also aims to bring closer youthworkers from partner organizations in order to share practices, reflect on ideas and create new innovative tools on how to enhance social inclusion through non formal learning. All eight partners (Turkey, Malta, Romania, Greece, Lithuania, Estonia, Bulgaria, Latvia) with 29 participants in 17-25 August 2016 Izmir – TURKEY. During the project week, intend to show the power of Non formal Learning approaches on inspiring youthworkers to be more creative, develop themselves professionally and personally and turn into more competent on supporting social inclusion within their local communities. During and afterwards, the project aims to assist youth workers to turn into multipliers and lead young people to contribute effectively and positively in their community through the development of activities.
Our main objectives through this project are:
1. To increase awareness of the importance in collaboration in intercultural environments.
2. To promote Non Formal Learning as tool for social inclusion and equity. Thus we aim to organise Non Formal Learning on practical approaches and methods for supporting Social Inclusion and creativity
3. To develop participants social and personal skills like team work for social problems, video/film making, team spirit in volunteering
4. To create an awareness about social inclusion and participation of young people, and provide ideas on how they can overcome it through cooperation, sharing and nfl
5. To provide participants with useful learning tools that will help them to rise the quality of their society when dealing with youth with fewer opportunities in participation and citizenship.
6. To help participants to be more aware (and be able to present in their organizations) of the value of Erasmus +: Youth in Action program;
7. To help participants acquire high-quality Youthpass Certificates and Europass CV;






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