Hi NECI Romania,

We are about the complete one a NECI project activities. It has been  a really enjoyable and usefull week for us. Almost everything has been well orginized and done.

We’ve met friends from diffrent caltures and sycronized each other fast. Everybody has been enthusiastic to learn and join the activities. Topics and flowchart of the training are usefull and enjoyable; especially we liked ” Cyberbullying”, “Sweetie”, “Basic of Writing Reports”, “SWAT Anaylise”, “Crowdfunding and Kickstarter” topics that are really needable for daily basis.

Trainers have been very effective and cheerfull.

Shortly it was a remarkable one. As Turkish Team, we’d like to thank you all indeed.

See you soon in different projects and in Turkey as well.

Please see attached photos as memories


Suat, Ali Murat, and Ezgi