From the sight of group leader Tuğcan Dirik;

The project of ‘Intercultural Learning Through Arts’ took place in Paralimni, Cyprus with the participation of 48 people from 8 different countries (Cyprus, Bulgaria, Armenia, Belarus, Ukraine, Serbia, Greece, Turkey)  between the dates of 6-15 December 2018.

Main idea of the project was to support intercultural learning by implementing art based activities such as dance, music, poetry, martial arts and so on. During the project participants had the chance to share values and learn more things in the activies where they worked according to their interests. We have had talent groups consist of people who worked together to show the power of different arts and how good they can be used for social inclusion. Also there were intertalented teams as well to create something common. Participants have also increased self confidence and realised what they are actually capable of.

From first days we started with ice breakers and energizers and continued with working on different kind of arts about the topic. At our intercultural nights some info’s about our culture and country were shared and many things were learned from other countries. We had fun more than we can imagine. This 10 days contributed us a lot. We have built some precious friendships as well.

To sum up in this project that we have participated as 6 youths, we had moments that will be in our minds and valuable memories to be shared with a big smile in our faces.