NECI-TURKEY was represented by 2 participant in Spain, in Project of CREATING QUALITY in EUROPE, held by Consejoven (Local Youth Council).

Project Reference number: NO: 2018-3-ES02-KA105-01281,

Project Name: Creating Quality in Europe

Participant countries: Turkey, Latvia, Italy, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania and Spain (host country)

Location: Toledo,  Spain

Date: 13-19/05/2019

Creating Quality in Europe is a seven-days Contact Making seminar organized by ConseJoven in Toledo, Spain, from 13th-19th May 2019 (travel days included). With the participation of associations from 7 different countries  along with experts in European projects, project was aiming to create a  network of international cooperation and to develop the  competences for implementing projects inside the European  program Erasmus+: Youth and European Solidarity Corps.

Turkish team attened to the project with 2 participants and gained competences in 3 main sections as following:

A-Main Tangable Competences

  1. Gained more and better knowledge about Erasmus+ programs
  2. Acuired how to determine and better understand criterias reqired for Erasmus+ projects
  3. Improved skills of evaluation of an Erasmus+ Project
  4. Acuired extra informations about recent updates regard to the European Solidarity Corps.
  5. Learned some experiences by sharing good and bad practises from other participants

B-Collaboration Competences

  1. Found new future/possible partner organisations by exchanging contacts and meeting participants from different 7 countries and organisations.
  2. Found a chance to increase the visibilities of Neci-Turkey by introducing our own organisation to other 7 organisations

C-Intangible Competences (Inter-Cultural, Linguistic, Local Cultural Competences)

  1. Found time and exercising opportunities to improve skills of foreign language
  2. Observed and learned things about host country’ culture/language
  3. Increased skills of tolerance and improved our “awareness of other cultures

The Project was so satisfied for participants who joined the activities. We have open space chance to share our ideas and learn deeply eachother and common sense about abilities.  The Spanish National Agency and Hosting Organisaiton are so interested in about activities and outcomes of Project.

Thanks a lot for Organizer and whole facilitator and support staff.   Hugs

Hakkı ATAY/ Mustafa YILDIZ